Police Department Divisions

We are pleased to introduce you to the organizational divisions and personnel of the Foxborough Police Department:

Michael A. Grace

Deputy Chief:
Richard H. Noonan, Jr.

Operations Division:
Operations Division Commander (Patrol) –  Lt. John Chamberlin 
This division is staffed by the largest number of employees and in many ways is our most visible and community oriented division comprised of our patrol teams and other specialty officers.  We have three patrol teams each led by two police sergeants, including the 12pm to 8am patrol team; the 8am to 4pm patrol team; and the 4pm to 12pm patrol team.  Their primary function is to respond to emergency calls for service and during uncommitted patrol time to implement our community policing philosophy through direct engagement with every member of our community and everyone who visits us.

12pm to 8am Patrol Team 
Sgt. Shawn Buckley 
Sgt. Lucas Drayton (swing shift)    
Officer Christopher DiModica
Officer Steven Hole
Officer Sean Taylor
Officer Brendan Fayles
Officer Scott Flaherty
Officer Alexander O'Leary
8am to 4pm Patrol Team
Sgt. David Foscaldo 
Sgt. Megan Allen
Officer James Mattson 
Officer James Parah 
Officer Ryan McGrath
Officer Tyler Sousa

Officer Shayne Cossette
Officer Korey Goldrick
Officer Patrick Lydon
Officer Phillip D Sloan
Officer Patrick Nagle
Officer Desiree Rivera

4pm to 12pm Patrol Team
Sgt. Patrick Hoffman 
Officer Kurt Pollister and K-9 Max
Officer Scott Dion

Officer Paul Politsopoulos
Officer Michael Saulnier
Officer Timothy Burt
Officer John Chamberlin, Jr
Officer Jean Medard

Specialty Officers
Sgt. Valesay Collins
School Resource Officer Will Monterroso
School Resource Officer Joseph Godino
School Resource Officer Melissa O'Connor

Animal Control Officer Kaycee Bailey

Reserve Officers (23)
Matrons (1)
Administrative Division
Administrative Division Commander (Detectives) – Lt. Adam Byrnes
The administrative division encompasses several important parts of our organization including detectives who investigate all major criminal cases in cooperation with patrol and our external law enforcement partners.  This division also relies on our administrative officer to supervise our handling of evidence and property along with a variety of other collateral duties relating to building, fleet and equipment maintenance.   This division is also supported by the men and women of our communication division who play a vital role, often as the public’s first point of contact, talking people through a variety of life crises, dispatching our patrol force and Fire and EMS personnel to calls for service, and fielding a wide variety of inquiries from the public.  The Administrative Division Commander also oversees our Internal Affairs process to make sure that public complaints are investigated and adjudicated in a fair and timely fashion while protecting the due process rights of our employees. 

Detective Division
Detective Patrick Morrison
Detective Mark Bohnenberger 
Detective Michael Alberts
Administrative Officer
Officer James Cannata

Court Officer 
Officer Kerry Kilroy 
Support Services:
Lee McCarthy and Robert Bolger provide all of our administrative support services and handle police records, permitting, payroll and many other functions critical to the department’s business processes.